A space for our Community

Barboursville Park is a 750-acre sprawling complex of rolling hills, grassy fields, forests, and water features. 

The vision for Barboursville Park has always been to create a space for the community to gather and enjoy experiencing all of the natural activities that the park has to offer.

This includes Hiking, Fishing, Picnicking, etc., while also cultivating areas to be used for Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Theater, and other social and fitness purposes.

Prior to its development as a community park, this area was a State Farm that provided work and nourishment to the patients and staff at the local State Hospital. Many area residents still remember the days when they would come out here and see corn fields and farm animals. As the Park has grown, its use has also grown, creating a continuing need for development to meet the needs of our community and dedication to the original purpose of Barboursville Park.